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Diagram and visualize business workflows with your team

Create a diagram for every part of your workflow. Go from sketch to automation, share documentation to keep your team aligned, and streamline business processes with AI—all in one place.

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A canvas showing a lead generation workflow with comments, collaboration, and an AI recommendation

Build a single source of truth

Visualize and diagram your team's most important processes, so you can easily understand and improve your business workflows.

Get on the same page

Onboard teammates, collaborate cross-functionality, and ensure stakeholders have visibility into the flows that power your work.

Optimize your workflows

Build out critical processes with your team, then identify opportunities to automate or streamline your workflows with AI-powered suggestions.

Go from static to automatic with Zapier Canvas

Document with your team

Plan, build, and visualize workflows with your teammates live or asynchronously. Share your diagrams and give teams a view into the apps and automation that power your business.

Connect people, apps, and plans with diagrams

Get a holistic view of how your workflows, apps, and teammates fit together. Turn your plans into Zaps, tables, interfaces, and chatbots tailored to your business needs—all from one place.

Build with AI

Canvas helps new and seasoned automators alike go from idea to automation faster. Simply let Canvas know what you'd like to create and AI will help build out your process.

Why use Canvas to diagram your workflows?

Align your team

Collaborate around a single source of truth. Get your team on the same page to help drive better decision making.

Reduce complexity

Diagram complex business processes and translate them into a common visual language shared across teams.

Make automation easy

Build robust workflows to support your business with the help of AI recommendations.

One platform to automate it all

Visualize complete workflows with more than 7,000 app integrations—all on Zapier.

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Learn how to get started diagramming on Zapier

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“Canvas helps us plan and design new workflows before we get started. It helps us not get stuck in the weeds by planning and building simultaneously. Plan first, build later.”

—Mark Eaton, CEO & Founder at The Corner Coworking

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minus iconHow can I try Zapier Canvas?

All you need is a free Zapier account to get started!

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minus iconHow much does Zapier Canvas cost?

Currently, Canvas is free for everyone.

minus iconCan I share canvases?

Yes. Anyone can download a canvas as a PNG file and share it with anyone else outside Zapier Canvas.

Individuals on Team and Enterprise plans can also directly share canvases and collaborate with anyone on their Zapier account.

Note: When sharing a canvas, you'll also need to share any related Zaps, tables, and interfaces.

minus iconWill I lose access to my canvases or data after the beta ends?

No. If you still have access to your Zapier account, your canvases and data won't be affected.

minus iconWhere can I submit feature requests?

Visit the Zapier Canvas portal to submit a feature request or report an issue.

minus iconWhere can I learn more about using Zapier Canvas?

You can learn more about Canvas by visiting canvas.zapier.app.

Watch the overview video here

minus iconHow does Zapier Canvas differ from the Zapier Visual Editor?

Canvas helps you diagram and document your full business processes, including manual and automated steps with Zaps, tables, or interfaces.

The Visual Editor enables you to build automated processes (or "Zaps").

Learn more about the Visual Editor

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